Steans Music Institute: 7.25.2014, Piano and Strings Concert XI
2 August 2014
Beethoven: Quartet for Strings no 16 in F major, Op. 135 Play
Artists: Sirena Huang (Violin); Harriet Langley (Violin); Georgy Kovalev (Viola); Sarah Rommel (Cello)
I - Allegretto Play
II - Vivace Play
III - Lento assai, cantante e tranquillo Play
IV - Grave - Allegro - Grave ma non troppo tratto - Allegro Play
Bartók: Quartet for Strings no 4, Sz 91/BB 95 Play
Artists: Stella Chen (Violin); Sirena Huang (Violin); Dana Kelley (Viola); Haran Meltzer (Cello)
I - Allegro Play
II - Prestissimo, con sordino Play
III - Non troppo lento Play
IV - Allegretto pizzicato Play
V - Allegro molto Play
Schumann: Quartet for Strings in A major, Op. 41 no 3 Play
Artists: Miriam Fried (Violin); Eunice Kim (Violin); Leah Ferguson (Viola); Sarah Wiederhold (Cello)
I - Andante espressivo - Allegro molto moderato Play
II - Assai agitato Play
III - Adagio molto Play
IV - Finale: Allegro molto vivace Play
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